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Anti-Bullying/Violence Prevention

There have always been bullies but now its easier with the advent of technology.  We need to educate our children about the damage their words and actions can cause but that kind of education takes time because in reality, were teaching them empathy. 

This program was created to empower students after Columbine and after a student took his life after being bullied.  A teacher in the school had been training with some of the best motivational speakers in the world and offered to create a course that would give students the tools they would need to not only survive life in the 21st century but thrive. 

Throughout the semester program, students learned how to respect and honor their differences, how to build true self-esteem by accomplishment, not bullying and much more.  They built teams that rippled throughout the school decreasing bullying and discipline problems in general all while improving their grades, attendance, test scores and graduation rates.  A new, safe environment formed in the school that freed students to focus on learning rather than fear of what the school day might bring. 

As one student said, "The feeling I get when I walk into the room is one of positive energy.  It makes me feel like I belong.  Most importantly to me, I feel safe.

The newest edition of  Strategies for Success has several specific lessons about bullying - but treats the topic in an empowering manner helping the bullied to cope successfully, the bullies to improve their self esteem so they don't need to bully while giving the bystanders tools to interrupt bullying while it's taking place.

The end result is an improved overall school climate and students who have learned how to cope, how to learn, how to set goals, and how to enjoy being in school.

Awards received for the Strategies for Success Program

  • Teacher of the Year
  • Outstanding Educator for the State of Rhode Island
  • National Finalist Cable in the Classroom Leaders in Learning
  • Jefferson Award
  • Alumni Service Award for Rhode island College
  • Nominated as a "Hero" for the Oprah Winfrey Show



What if after one semester:
  • There was less bullying because students had learned and embraced the skills necessary to communicate effectively, handle stress and improve self-esteem?
  • 60.7% of the students in your school improved their grades?
  • 65.5%  had a better attitude about school?
  • 80.1%  had a more positive attitude in general?
  • 78.6%  handled stress better?
  • 28.6% improved their attendance?
  • 40.1%  were in trouble less often?


These are just some of the results obtained by students in a suburban high school after spending one semester in the Strategies for Success leadership/success program.

"I wish from my heart that "Strategies for Success" could be taught in all schools and colleges around the US.  I wish I could keep taking this program because there is always something new to learn." 


"Students have come back to thank me for telling them to take "Strategies for Success".  What they learned became a part of them.  They seemed to be enthused, active participants of the class.  The change in many individuals was amazing!"

Department Chair, Special Education

How Strategies for Success helped me become an author - Michaela Debelius

Find out more about how this award winning program can:

  • Provide training in the most widely recognized list of 21st century skills
Verbal communication
Strong work ethic
Teamwork skills
Analytical skills
Written communication
Problem solving skills
Interpersonal skills
  • Provide your students with a daily forum for solving the issues that face them in and out of school,  including bullying
  • Provide your students the strategies that are used by the most successful people in the world including much needed financial literacy, goal setting, ethics, team building, study skills
  • Engage students in their own learning
  • Connect what students are learning to real life issues which enhances both attentiveness and performance
  • Create a climate conducive to learning
  • Embrace diversity as it builds teams in the classroom that spread throughout the entire school
  • Open the door to a more optimistic student body and staff

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